Tom Comitta

The City of Nature is a novel-in-progress, a collection of nature descriptions from novels written in English. Inspired by artist Kota Ezawa’s video of the same name, the novel re-presents the fake landscapes that have buttressed narratives throughout the histories of English literature. Here the background, rising action, and denouement take center stage. All human presence—apart from the language itself—is missing. The below study was first published in Dusie 15.



Tom Comitta is the author of ◯ (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2013) and SENT (Invisible Venue/SOMArts, forthcoming 2014). Studies for The City of Nature have also appeared in Landfill Quarterly, Quiet Lightning, and Dusie. Comitta teaches multimedia writing at an elementary school and runs the publishing house

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