Todd Colby

Lately I’ve been fascinated by this photo of Arthur Rimbaud in Abyssinia (now Ethiopia) taken when he was 29 years old in 1883. When I zoomed in on the photo I saw this grown man, Rimbaud, a worried, weary guy. Oh, the last line in my poem is about me.










Disastrous Consequences

If it’s not too late,
I would like to make big changes
in nearly everyone by Wednesday.
I am heading to the fire tower.
Do you understand what I’m saying?

Human beings are awkward
and they transmit a hard edge
that makes it difficult to get things done around them.
Slush, ice, rain, shit.
A mother points at her son’s boots
and says, “Those are not
completely rainproof boots. “
And the son takes note of it
and he remembers.

Some people find relief when they listen
to music that has a certain tone that appeals
to their own tone. It’s going to be alright
because we are flesh at this juncture.
Your agency knows no release. Joy Division
did a wonderful cover of “Sister Ray”
that peters out at the end.

There, there.

I’m husky and I have a funky disposition.


Todd Colby has published five books of poetry: RipsnortCush, Riot in the Charm Factory: New and Selected Writings, and Tremble & Shine, all published by Soft Skull Press. Flushing Meadows was published by Scary Topiary Press in 2013. Colby’s latest book, Splash State, was published by The Song Cave in 2014.

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