Amanda Nadelberg

I say Incremona to myself a lot—blame Italian movies. I love the films of Nathaniel Dorksy. Once I asked him a question in a room of people before the SFMOMA closed (for what seems like ever) though I cannot remember what the question was. We rely on technology to remember for us (and then this). I depend on parentheticals and even scrub my life of some. I can hear people on the street. I sent my parents that article about death and IDEO and they read it and now they’re reading that book on tidying because I just couldn’t shut up about it. My dad’s excited. My mom seems a little scared; I have come to realize she’s not as organized as I am. Poems are attempts at miscommunication in addition to its opposite and I can’t promise to tell you anything after that, at least not this. You use the life you’re in to create forms. Yesterday morning I remembered how wonderful it is to not know everything.

DorskyNathaniel Dorsky (still) August and After

Linear Motor

I am here for my sister with a voice
like a boat if it wasn’t the first time
someone had given me a present
they wanted. Tuesdays are hard for
me, he wasn’t calling me babe, in
August and after Dorsky, sitcoms as
someone’s brother. I left my house to
ride the pedestrian wave, ever since
procedure there is in me a sea. Of
orchids and peasants moss became
an echo laced by the front door
sounding furious to its own dim
hands. Incremona!, there is no color
but things, I work with my feelings or
his red bicycle. (Line.) It took weeks
to clear up the mess, what I have is my
mouth I think to the women passing.
I still need buttons from the store.
History moves in circumstantial years
as artless practice for later entrance
ports. This is about that. Explanatory
holy work in the depths.


Amanda Nadelberg is the author of Bright Brave Phenomena (Coffee House, 2012), Isa the Truck Named Isadore (Slope Editions, 2006) and two chapbooks: Building Castles in Spain, Getting Married (The Song Cave, 2009) and Delphiniums (speCt!, 2013). A third book of poems, Songs from a Mountain is forthcoming from Coffee House Press in 2016. She lives in Oakland. 

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