The Home School, also known as the Ashbery Home School, is a one-week writing conference with campuses in Hudson, New York (August 9th-14th, 2015) and Miami Beach, Florida (January 3rd to 8th, 2016).

Home School welcomes poets seeking to redefine their practice through a radical consideration of the others arts—painting, music, cinema, dance, new media and so much more. The essence of the program consists of daily writing workshops, studio visits with guest artists as well as nightly readings by visiting poets. Home School is a concentrated, unique engagement between poetry and the arts partnering with the thriving arts communities of Hudson and Miami.


The 2015 Hudson Core Faculty includes John Ashbery, Timothy Donnelly, Adam Fitzgerald, Douglas Kearney, Dorothea Lasky, Harryette Mullen and Eileen Myles. Visiting poets include Eric Baus, Tom Healy, Susan Howe, Myung Mi Kim, Paul Muldoon, Emily Pettit, Robert Polito and Emily Skillings.

To learn more, click here for our Hudson Campus. Applications are now closed.

MIAMI 2016

The 2016 Miami Core Faculty includes Timothy Donnelly, Adam Fitzgerald, Cathy Park Hong, Dorothea Lasky, Tan Lin, Maggie Nelson and Mónica de la Torre. Visiting poets include Natalie Diaz, Renee Gladman, Mira Gonzalez and Jorie Graham.

To learn more, click here for our Miami Campus. No-fee applications are due by August 1st, 2015 and final applications by September 1st, 2015. To apply, click here.

About Us

The Home School partners, in Miami, with Bass Museum, Miami Beach Women’s Club, Wolfsonian-FIU Museum and, in Hudson, with Time and Space Limited. We rely on these organizations’ generous support to bring writers and artists together to make our programming happen each year.



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